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Photo Retouching Service

  • Bust removal for your fashion items

  • Digital makeover and beauty retouching

  • E-Commerce Product Retouching

  • Photo Restoration

  • High-End Jewelry Retouching

Photo Retouching Service

ClippingPathCrew offers professional photo retouching services perfectly meeting the needs of photographers. As many professional and beginner photographers, want to get their photos edited perfectly in less time. Colour adjustment, photo touch up, beauty service, jewelry retouching all comes under this service.

Retouching pictures imply a potential improvement in the picture nature of items, headshots, and photos. In a captivating world, fashion photo editing is an unquestionable requirement and retouching a model is a typical truth. Models make facial, hair, skin, dress shading or another retouching to get a rebellious screen.

In some cases, they likewise need improved glamor retouch. Another reality is that retouching of head shots alongside wedding and jewelry photo retouching brings splendid make-up. This new savvy and fundamental arrangement help in close to personal magnificence or selling in fashionable products.

Types of Photo Retouching Services

We offer all kinds of photo retouching services for our client’s need. These services could be basic or moderate. We have divided our photo retouching services into four categories, these are:

Portrait Retouching Service

Photo retouching makes your digital photos stunning and increases its quality. For this kind of service, Photoshop is the best tool to edit pictures. Portrait retouching is done based on each person’s creativity. However, it also includes some tasks which need to be applied to every image like:
  • Makeup fixing.
  • Colour correction
  • Smoothing skin flaws
  • Fixing eyes imperfections.
Portrait retouching service is surely chosen the most by photographers. We work hard to make our client’s memories perfect. We have a team of skilled professionals extremely good at Graphic Designing. They spend their time wisely and work hard to get the best results.

Product Retouching Service

Due to product retouching, products stand out and grab the attention of those looking at them. It is very important to make the product eye-catching. It can help the buyer make an easy decision. The photos should be attractive enough so they can convince people to buy them.
The following services are offered in product retouching:
  1. Removal of blinks.
  2. Shape correction
  3. Removal of defects
  4. Texture Highlight




Jewellery Retouching Service

Photoshop, the image editing software, helps in retouching the images of jewellery. Its main aim is to make the jewellery look high quality and expensive. This can be done through colour and light correction. It also helps in removing spots and brightening the stones. Jewellery retouching services are often needed for commercial use.
We promise to deliver eye-catching pictures, which attracts the customer so much that they actually buy it. Jewellery photography services are quite hard, and it takes a lot of effort and time. People in jewellery business make sure their jewellery is advertised with utter perfection.
The following services are offered in jewellery retouching:
  1. Contrast adjustment
  2. Colour correction
  3. Shadow improvement
  4. Removal of spots
  5. Background retouching
  6. Natural retouching
  7. Adding extra shine to jewellery
  8. Paying attention to main stones
  9. Removal of defects

Wedding Photo Retouching Service

For every person, their wedding day is the most important event in their lives. After getting your wedding pictures, you might want to get them retouched. The purpose of this to make the images stand out.
This service is also for photographers who have a very busy shoot schedule. They can’t spend their time editing all by themselves. It’s best to focus on their photography and leave the editing part to professional editors like us.
We have quite a few years’ experiences in wedding photo retouching service. We offer our services at very low cost. You should not worry about your pictures being leaked. Your images are safe with us. We promise to never disclose or misuse your photographs.

Benefits of Photo Retouching Services

Improved brand awareness
Photo retouching service helps separate your brand from your rivals. With specialists utilizing an assortment of photo editing tools and picture editing methods, you can give your photographs a remarkable look from the others. Concentrating on a particular style of altering makes brand review and builds up a nearness that makes you essential to your intended interest group. For instance, you can follow a trimming style or spotlight on explicit pieces of your item. Playing with the immersion of your photographs helps give your image a marked style, as well.
Cleaned and professional product pictures
It’s anything but difficult to snap a picture of your item, transfer the crude picture on your site or other limited-time materials, and trust that clients will purchase the item. Be that as it may, when photographs are dull and dim, they are more averse to attract clients. Photo editing strategies make a picture striking and urge the intended interest group to make a buy. Improving the splendor, shading, and vitality of your pictures likewise makes a superior impression of the photographs according to the client.
Upgraded efficiency
If you have a comparable arrangement of pictures, photo retouching service can just process every one of them by arranging them into groups and utilizing pre-characterized altering settings. This simple tweaking of pictures assists spare with timing that you can use for different parts of the business.
Productive social media engagement
Expertly edited pictures improve client commitment via web-based networking media, especially on rich media stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Better pictures catch the attention of your intended interest group and improve footing as far as invitations to take action.
Simple use of images for multiple platforms
Because a photograph looks astounding on the web doesn’t mean it will have a similar impact via web-based networking media, handouts or announcements. Photo retouching service help get the most ideal look with a similar effect over numerous publicizing stages.
High-quality and professional services
Photo retouching services are regularly done by a group of master photograph editors, creative creators, and artists. They cooperate and put in their insight and skill to convey top-notch photographs to their customers. Photograph altering organizations likewise utilize the most recent expert instruments and paid software to get the ideal outcome.

Why Should You Take Photo Retouch Services from Us?

We provide a number of photo retouching services, which not only make your work stand out but also meet your demands. We work with commercial along with non-commercial clients. So if you have a business or personal need, we are here to offer both. Our team contains skilled experts and they carry out their jobs perfectly. We make sure your work is completed before time as well. Our services are of low cost, with quality guarantee. What more can you ask for?

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