Image masking is the process of taking an image out of it’s current background, ensuring that the entirety of the image remains intact. Using a background removal tool, it is possible to completely remove any unnecessary parts of an image, making it an incredibly useful tool for those photographers without a variety of backgrounds.

Image Masking service
Image Masking for the flexible use of your pictures

  • Select any area of any objects

  • Object Extracting

  • After clipping path, Image masking for perfection

  • Make Transparent without changing the translucency

  • Work with fine and soft edges

What Is Photoshop Image Masking Service?

Image Masking Service removes or separates an object from the main image. This is performed through image masking technique. This technique usually processes the image. It can also be used to remove hair or sharp edges from background images. It is safe to say that Image masking uniquely manipulates images. The clients want this service to meet some of their needs. One of the needs is the removal of background. The result provided by Clippingpathcrew is always different and of high quality. The whole look of the image improves when you remove hair, blur the edges, etc.

Image masking is an essential pre-production service that publishers, advertising companies and e-commerce organizations demand. The essence of their company, including an extreme focus on products and subjects, is very fragile.

We offer photo mask production services, that are economical but ensure that quality is preserved, to facilitate the work of such organizations. Our qualified development service for photo masks is designed to save our customers valuable time while satisfying their exact needs.

The masking of the images involves isolating context or part of the photograph that has blurred or unknown edges from the remains of the frame. With advanced image masking techniques, you erase or subtract an object from the rest of the frame.

For the various techniques of masking depending on the images and parameters, we use Adobe Photoshop. The ultimate objective is for us to pop the product. In order to do so, the history of the company must be complementary. Thus the image masking by Photoshop can help to divide the picture into layers or masks. You may change the background in the picture to suit the subject and focus on the object.

Even after applying changes, the image shape stays the same. Image details are not changed. The process works to hide some parts of the image. Those parts often make the image look bad, so it needs to be removed. Photoshop masks can be edited too. To make the image more beautiful, masks can be dealt with too.


Photoshop Image Masking Service mainly use for removing complex backgrounds. There are four kinds of image masking service

Photoshop Layer Masks:

Photoshop Layer Masks allow you to change the transparency (opacity) of the specific layer. It is a basic tool. This is different from layer opacity slider, because layer mask can do selection. The selection helps in changes the opacity of a number of areas present on one layer.

Photoshop Clipping Mask:

This Photoshop Clipping Mask is applied to a group of layers. The base layer is actually the border of the entire group. The base layer can contain a shape. The image can be present on the layer above, and text can be written in the top most layers. The photograph and the text will be visible by the base layer. The opacity of the base layer will also be based upon the upper layers.

Alpha Channel Mask Photoshop:

In this Alpha Channel Mask Photoshop, pixel colors are merged with other pixels when they are put on top of each other. Usually, the alpha channel does not do pixel-by-pixel overlapping, it is done per object. Some parts of the object would have a unique level of transparency.

The level of transparency is based on each client’s needs. If they want the background to stand out more, then that’s what they will be given. Irregular shapes can be changed and made regular. This can be done by simply making the edges transparent. This will put more focus on the background. This technique is important in animation, in which frame changes from time to time.

Masking Transparent Objects:

Making Transparent Objects helps in separating the entire background of the image. The object can then be pasted in a new background. However, the color will be visible and the object will remain transparent. The object can be made constant, and the background can be changed. This would be according to the client's needs. This service is mostly used in car glass, glass, and sunglasses.

Advantages of Photoshop Image Masking

There are a lot of benefits in using Image Masking services. They are as follows:
  • More work can be done easily on time
  • Background can be extracted or removed
  • Use of custom background
  • Edit existing background
  • Through gradient transparencies, the picture can be cut out or separated
  • For masking hair, semi-transparent chiffon, fur, etc.
  • Creates ads, magazine covers
  • Dropping shadows lets you smoothen out hard edges

Who Needs Image Masking Service?

Image masking services are mostly availed by photographers and graphic designers. The general public can also use this service, but the majority of its users are photographers. It is important for photographers to have their own portfolios. For this reason, they have to make use of multiple backgrounds for an image. This helps in grasping the attention of their clients.

Photographers are often asked by clients to add different backgrounds to their photos. Image masking technique would be the best choice for adding the background that was not present in the photo naturally. The problem would be solved, and the client would be happy. There are also problems of divorce and breakup, and sometimes normal people want a certain person cut out from the picture. So this service is not only for photographers, but also can be used by common people. The complete picture can then be provided in any format or size, needed by the client.




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