Outsourcing image editing services to a trusted partner enables you to optimise your workflow and allows you to get the most out of your employees. Whether it’s for creative work or to assist you with your workload, we offer you fast and reliable assistance when you need it. Clipping Path Crew offers you:

Image editing for agencies

  • Fast and reliable processing of large orders quantaties in 8-48 hours

  • Transparent cost planning according to your proposed budget

  • Excellent clipping quality, even on complex images

  • Enormous cost savings thanks to outsourcing

  • Increased productivity and workflow within your agency

  • Monthly Invoicing

  • 100% Quality Control

Support for website relaunch

The preparation of images according to newly developed corporate identity guidelines are not only necessary but also extremely time-consuming. We can implement these changes across all image media resulting in a uniform corporate identity.

Colour correction and contrast adjustments according to Corporate design specifications

Optimisation for all your organisation images for web or print

Reliable exchange of of data via FTP server to server

Jump-start your multi-channel marketing strategy

Many companies are facing the challenge of successfully implementing multi-channel retail and marketing strategies. Clipping Path Crew supports you with all your large image processing projects and enables you to deliver large amounts of images quickly and easily while still keeping costs manageable and predictable.

Clipping Path Crew can help support you in large image editing projects

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Speedy image optimisation for online stores and marketplaces.

  • Clipping of product images.
  • Adjusting the images according to specific marketplace guidelines.
  • Agencies can manage different projects, quickly and easily
  • We are Marketplace Image Recommendation
  • Upload finished product images via APIs directly to Amazon, eBay or your online store.

Image editing for marketing campaigns

Optimised workflow by allowing us to process your images

  • Professional image optimisation for print products
  • Correction of image formats and optimisation of image sizes for different marketing channels

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