Clipping Path Crew does not compromise with the quality and provides all types of Imaging Editing Services for your Business. Clipping Path Crew provides below listed Services for your Business.

Image Editing For Photographer And Photo Studios

  • Fast delivery on all orders, large or small

  • Individually select your photo editing preferences

  • 100% Quality Control

  • 100% Customer satisfaction

  • Clipping, colour correction and photo retouching

  • High quality photo editing at fixed pricing

  • Various data transfer options

Image Editing For Your Online Store

  • Free Test Images

  • Image clipping for small or large quantities

  • All services individually selectable

  • Improvement of contrast and colours

  • Re-coloring and cropping and resizing

  • Fast batch processing

Marketplace Retailer

  • Free Test Images

  • Image editing according to marketplace guidelines

  • Marketplace recommendation

  • Fast delivery of large orders

  • 100% Customer satisfaction

Perfect Product Images Editing For Your Business
Quilaty image editing, quick & easy

  • Image editing based on your corporate design requirements for a uniform corporate identity

  • Professional post-processing of all your product images to create credible product presentations

  • Image optimisation according to requirements for online stores and marketplace distribution (Amazon & eBay-ready)

  • Image editing for your campaign and corporate images for printing

Image Editing For Your Product Catalogue

  • Free Test Images

  • Clipping and photo retouching for more appealing catalogue images

  • Adjustment of saturation and colour temperature

  • Colour and contrast optimisation for an overall consistent picture

  • Fast 8-48 hours processing time even for large quantity orders

  • 100% Customer satisfaction

Image Editing For Agencies

  • Fast and reliable processing of large orders quantaties in 8-48 hours

  • Transparent cost planning according to your proposed budget

  • Excellent clipping quality, even on complex images

  • Enormous cost savings thanks to outsourcing

  • Increased productivity and workflow within your agency

  • Monthly Invoicing

  • 100% Quality Control

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