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Image editing for your online store

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Online store image requirements

Online stores have one significant advantage over physical stores, that being that their customers can browse or place orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. However, you also have one significant disadvantage, and that is that there is no personal contact, either with a salesperson or with the product itself, limiting the senses in which the customer can experience your product and store. To convince the customer to make a purchase, text and images must be exceptionally well optimised to overwrite this disadvantage by creating trust, communicating benefits, and giving the buyers the feeling they know what they are buying. Exceptional product images play a crucial role as they can convey a feeling of quality and can thus justify higher prices, distinguishing your products from the competition. However, high-quality product photos are often expensive. Therefore, we have put together some tips to create sharp images and show you how you can optimise the quality of your images.

Good Lighting

Appealing product images contain easily noticeable products in bright and bold colours. Often the lighting conditions might not be up to standard or might be entirely out of your control, for example during an outdoor shoot. In cases like these, colour correction can bring out your products to showcase them in a better fashion.

Unique design

Through having a uniform design, images can play an essential role in building your brand identity. If you don’t have company guidelines for your pictures, they should nevertheless fit together stylistically. With various methods of image processing, such as colour correction or retouching, your images can get a distinctive look. Additionally, by adding a watermark, you can also protect your images against unauthorised use by third parties.

Optimal size

Image sizes can often become a second thought, but still, play a vital role in the overall experience of your online store. The images used should be large enough to be able to zoom in on and small enough to minimise page load times, significantly improving the usability functionality of your website.

Represent different colour variations

If you offer products in different colour variations, it’s important to show this to your customers. However, having to photograph all the different colour variations could be extremely time consuming. We can quickly help you change the colours of the product to all the colours variations you require. All this can be done quickly and most of all at an affordable price, saving you time and money.

Several perspectives

Viewing products from multiple angles online allow your customers to experience the product just as they would in your physical store, which establishes confidence and reduce the risk of returns.


Technical specifications

In addition to design aspects, technical criteria for your online store images are essential, such as a resolution, file format and representation in a specific colour space. We can help you save time by offering a turnkey solution for your online photo editing needs.

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