Offer your customers a professional overview of your products when selling on Amazon or eBay through different and detailed product views. This will increase your sales and reduce return rates.

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Increase your sales through your images on Amazon and eBay

The lines between online and offline trade are becoming more and more blurred, which has greatly changed shopping behaviour and buyer expectations. Marketplaces are an important channel in the marketing mix, which is why the quality of the product presentation on these channels is in no way inferior to those in a shop window. Thus, for two-thirds of the buyers, the product images are the most important deciding factor in addition to a detailed product description. In addition to having the choice of several color variations and different product angles, many buyers find it extremely important to be able to enlarge the product view in order to be able to zoom in on the image.

In order to ensure quality product presentation, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have set strict guidelines. These include colour profile and image size controls as well as the background colour and white space in the image. Also, certain things may not be shown in the pictures and may need to be retouched.

Good product images ensure a better click-through rate in the search results, a better conversion rate and thus in turn contribute to a ranking improvement within the marketplace.

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Remember nice product photos increase sales. We know the guidelines.
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